Hi, I’m John Hornsby!
I’m an environmental graphic designer, illustrator and creative strategist living in Asheville, North Carolina.


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As an environmental designer, illustrator and creative strategist, I craft authentic graphic design and outsourced marketing to help solutions oriented businesses, nonprofits and other creatives tell the story of their work. 


I also create art & illustration design for publication, display and individual collectors.


So, what’s “environmental” graphic design?


I decided to try my hand at one of these that have been catching my eye. Created in illustrator by making some patterns and brushes and then adding minor distortions and variations, then bringing into photoshop to dirty up and add lighting and feet. Bare feet seemed appropriate for.Riding away from Asheville, I had some time to kill on a bus ride to visit some family


Put simply Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) blends graphic design, information design and structural design. 

I have served as a scenic artist, graphic designer, art director, project manager, illustrator and sales team leader over the course of 20+ years working in the industries of scenic event production, guerrilla marketing and the architectural and illuminated sign industry. 

There is often a common knowledge gap where graphic design, architecture and construction come together, as brand design moves off the page and screen into three dimensional spaces such as storefronts, interiors and campuses. 

That’s where I come in. ​ Once your customers find you online, and they take to the street to arrive at your door, it’s essential to also design optimal customer experience on site to foster positive and profitable engagement that wows your audience, drives loyalty and keeps your customers coming back and sharing with their friends. 

I produce many of the things that other designers do but I have a specialized niche focus in applying graphic design to dimensional spaces and forms with an eye toward flow and creating a pleasing environment. I develop clear systems to distill complex information or destinations into simple easy to navigate deliverables that are visually compelling.  Specific common examples are design of signs & murals, interior dimensional graphics and displays, event and theater sets, storefronts, exterior dimensional and illuminated graphic installations and campus way finding sign systems. This is also sometimes referred to as experiential design. My practical experience in this realm allows me to value engineer to the end clients benefit while maintaining design integrity. I have strong relationships with partners to produce and deliver final execution of the designs as well. Because I am not captive to any one manufacturer, I can advocate for you in this arena to ensure the best balance of value and reliability, managing the process so you can focus on managing your business.

I also work with other creatives to help bolster their structural 3D environmental design and sales skills. 

On principle, I prefer to focus my energy on supporting organizations working to make the world a better place.

For more detailed insight into my experience in this realm, click here.

If you are ready to up level presenting the story of your positive impact business, let’s talk.  

And an Illustrator?

Yes, currently my other primary focus is illustration. I work primarily in pen and ink, watercolor and digital illustration. I often create typographical based illustrations where I illustrate a word or phrase such a a core value of a brand or idea. I also craft nature scenes, animals, geometric and figurative work and really anything that I may be called upon to produce. I love the hand drawn look which can provide a nice counterbalance to the slick digital imagery we are so often surrounded with. I’m particularly interested in where these intersect. 

I have been professionally trained in drawing since childhood. I also create my own line of illustration & art designs to sell as originals, prints and products.

If you are ready to up level presenting the story of your positive impact business, let’s talk.  


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So what about Creative Strategy?

I love working with purposeful people to build teams, craft creative solutions, and make the world a better place.

I provide accessible and professional creative services & marketing that lead the discovery and delivery of compelling visual stories. Through a research based collaborative process I am able to contribute to the success of my clients, whose mission and core values align with mine. These include, but are not limited to, environmental organizations, non profits, education and the arts. I also enjoy working with and supporting entrepreneurs. 

With over 20 years professional experience from ground level to management level I’ve helped thousands of businesses figure out their story and how to tell it. I’ve served as a leader of teams in sales, design and production, delivering creative graphic design work, on the production floor creating tangible products. I’ve also excelled in account management and business development and now as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen a lot of things work and even more fail. One thing I’ve learned is there is no one size fits all model to success. I listen deeply to understand, then help focus, plan, research and execute.

As an environmental designer, illustrator and creative strategist, I create authentic design and outsourced marketing to help these solutions oriented businesses, nonprofits and other creatives tell the story of their work. Deliverables may include creative designs, tangible products, crafted experiences and clear plans of action.

If you are ready to up level presenting the story of your positive impact business, let’s talk.  


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