It’s been a spell since I posted anything here. I’ve just been too busy to do much of anything lately. Side Kick and I have recently passed our state life & health exam so we are now legal producers, able to sell insurance, mortgages and loans. Whoopie! We also just passed our motorcycle saftey classes and are now licensed to drive motorcycles too. It’s been  a pretty intense last couple of months of lots of classes and studying and working and not a whole lot of free time. My stepfather also passed away last month which has been another stress factor which has left us pretty much exhausted. But things seem to be normalizing a bit now.
Side Kick headed out this morning with Old Bike Rider to go to the vintage motorcycle days in Ohio. So they will be out playing with old bikes for a week or so. Should be a blast for them!
I just purchased a cell phone for my mom to help bring her into the modern world of ringtones and public chattering. I’ll be heading to her place this weekend to help her out a bit and spend some quality time.
I’m all by myself at the shop today which is nice. I can actually get some work done with no one to distract me. Of course here I am distracting myself with this blog. Oh well. I will try and post something of actual interest soon.

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Been a Long Time Since I Rock N Blogged
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