Case Study – United Way of Asheville – We Are One Campaign

Case Study – United Way of Asheville – We Are One Campaign

Brand Stage Consulting invited us to design the visual branding for the United Way of Asheville Buncombe County’s Next 100 Years campaign. We collaborated with Brand Stage’s Murphy Funkhouser Capps and UWABC’s marketing director Elisabeth Bocklet.

Being a values-led organization ourselves this project resonated with us in a real way. We immediately felt that we were all committed to making a difference as we plugged into the awesome team at United Way.

Wands for Wildlife Illustrations

A while back we had the good fortune to work on some new illustration elements for Wands for Wildlife. WFW is a nonprofit that is inspiring people to help wildlife and the environment through re-purposing discarded mascara wands. The organization engages people in ways to support wildlife caregivers and encourages greater mindfulness of the impact from human activities, including the use of plastics, on the environment.⁠

A Meditation on Balance

Balance is not a static state. It is a verb. The tightrope walker is making a thousand micro and macro adjustments moment to moment. Balance requires the focused attention of a disciplined mind. One that has learned to hold at bay the distracting flurry of thoughts that the brain generates. Not by a brute force of resistance but rather by a sense of flow.