Today is the final day at White Marsh Mall. Then we are of to the arctic King of Prussia for 2 more weeks of mall bliss. Then we have a week off and one event in NYC (this just in…) before we close out the program.

Boojum wants to go to the New Orleans Jazz festival during the week off because it would be fun to drive to New Orleans and back and then go work an event in NYC and then drive to Miami to close out the program. Silly girl obviously is going through some sort of shoe withdrawal crazy talk. Since we can’t afford to buy new shoes, she wants to spend money on a trip to New Orleans and to drive there and back because we have only been driving for 8 months straight so why stop now? UUGH. We have to move, and get jobs silly silly girl. This is all just a ploy to buy new shoes I’m sure of it. But I won’t be fooled!

Easter News from the front lines:

We have been set up next to the Easter Bunny display for the past two weeks. This odd human activity involves suburban white mothers lining up en mass to with children dressed up in pastel outfits. They wait their turn to pay large sums of money to place their children into the clutches of a complete stranger in a furry bunny outfit and then jump up and down yelling “PEEK-A-BOO!” and make lots of noise in an attempt to get the children to disguise their uncomfortable terror with a fleeting smile to be captured on digital. They then exchange money for key chains or printouts of the oddly dressed children making unusual facial expressions while sitting on the kid in the furry bunny suit. Many mothers sniff their children’s behinds before or after placing them on the bunny creature. Many children are filled with awe and excitement at the sight of the bunny. This often turns to sheer terror once they reach the point of actually interacting with the bunny. Many tears are shed. Many pictures are taken of forced smiles on teary eyed faces. Many children are probably traumatized for life. A few actually seem to enjoy it. People are strange indeed.

This could explain the childrens fear of the Easter Bunny though: THE EASTER BUNNY HATES YOU

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