Communication Breakdown (It’s not always the same.)

Communication Breakdown (It’s not always the same.)

This quote reminds me of a similar favorite one which I paraphrase as “The biggest obstacle to progress is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge.” It’s not necessarily through lack of effort that our message doesn’t get through. First we have to really be listening not only to what is said but to what is not said. Then our message needs to be created and delivered in a way that will be received at a time when our audience is open to receiving it. It’s sounds simple, but it’s not.

Just as we can let a little knowledge, fool us into thinking we know more than we actually do, so do we often think that just because we have said something once, a certain way, that it has been understood as intended. If you’ve every managed people or raised children you know this is not the case!

Your visual brand is one piece of this, your copy is another, your seo is another and the design of the environment that your audience enters into, in physical space. These are all pieces of a complex web-puzzle of communication that needs to act in concert together. All while your trying to focus on the actual service your business provides.

Thankfully there’s no shortage of talented professionals that can help make it happen. I’m thankful to be one of them and to know so many that I can collaborate with as a team, to help take your communications to the next level.

What are your biggest communication challenges?

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