My feeling on resolutions is that I should treat every day like the NYE. Resolutions should not be a once a year event but a lifestyle choice to asses, evaluate, set and track goals and resolutions as a daily practice.

I read recently you should hold onto your goals lightly and to your ideals firmly. That really resonated with me as I use my goals to move me in a direction that’s inline with my ideals. The goal itself isn’t really that important and will always change over time or when it’s achieved, or failed. The important thing is what we discover about ourselves and our worlds, who we become along the way, who we are traveling alongside and being open and kind to who we meet along the paths we explore.

2018 is shaping up to be a new culmination of my past few years of practicing setting and tracking my goals in this way.

Looking forward to new adventures, challenges, hugs and high fives in 2018!

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