Balance in 2019

Balance in 2019

My word of intention for 2019 is BALANCE.

Balance is not some static state that you reach and then your done. It’s a continuous series of adjustments and recalibration that requires dedicated focus, attention to detail, steady breath in the face of fear, confidence, strength and clarity.

2018 was a year of death and rebirth. New ventures, shedding my old skin and also getting back in touch with my roots. I let go of a lot. I left my secure job to start my own business. I took on new opportunities to do things that scared me. I shared more openly and honestly. I had breakthroughs and failures alike. I forged new alliances. I saw new lives come early and others go too soon. I keep learning to let go without remorse.

Through it all I continue to dive deeper into my own practice of awakening and unfolding, leaning into the sharp places. Embracing it all, the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Accepting and letting it come and go.

A process that is still ongoing as we step into 2019.

My intention going into this year is to work to keep the balance required to hit the marks I am aiming for. I don’t make new years resolutions per se because I set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals and intentions. I am to continue that practice with more focus on holding sacred space for myself. Deadlines and long days and nights will come as they always do. But I am committing to continue to schedule in leisure time, family time, time to practice. To realize that I have worth and value that is independent of busying myself. That hard work may be a virtue, but work as an end in itself is not virtuous. I am proud and grateful for what I have opportunity and ability to produce, but I am worth more than simply how productive I am.

There are things worth much more than my billable time that are given freely. A walk in the woods with my family. Sharing a smile with a stranger. Hearing my kids laughter. Comforting someone who is dying.

I will remember that my most important client is really myself. If I don’t take care of that first, I’m not able to deliver my best.

I took this 📸 this evening at the @avlsymphony @cirquemusica dress rehearsal. Wow.