That’s a wrap.

That’s a wrap.

That’s a wrap. Thanks to the panelists and attendees who joined us today for @aigaasheville ‘s Business and UNusual: How to Market During C19 and Beyond. Lots of valuable insights shared by @bloggeraishaadams @nmhairfield @nathan___jordan and @thecatherinecampbell

Be consistent with purpose.
Be vulnerable and real.
Ask “Why anyone should care” behind every action.
Solve for your community.
Double down on getting clear on your mission and values.
And please just don’t say “During these unprecedented times”

Stay tuned for recorded version for those who missed it.

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Seems like a good time for an intro for those who don’t know me.

Seems like a good time for an intro for those who don’t know me.

Seems like a good time for an intro for those who don’t know me. I’m John Hornsby. Tomorrow at noon I’ll be moderating this virtual panel discussion Business as UNusual: Marketing During C19 and Beyond with @aigaasheville.
I’m the Founder and Chief Creative Ninja of Hornsby Creative. Over the course of my 25 year career I’ve served in leadership for various creative companies. I’ve rarely held a traditional job, always finding my way into unique situations whether running a DIY performance space, playing in bands while running the art department for a special events company, driving an RV around the country with my wife @aniliaj or managing signs and graphics companies.
Most recently I served as Co-Creative Director at GIGANTIC! and Center Manager when G! was acquired by Allegra | Image 360 Asheville.
As the effects of Covid 19 began to affect our community and brought values into sharper clarity, I moved on from that role and have refocused back on family, community and our own business. As a founding executive board member of AIGA Asheville, board member emeritus of the Asheville Affiliates and part of the organizing team for Creative Mornings AVL, the intersection of community, story and design is a continued passion of mine.
Though I have deep experience in experiential, environmental design and sign related work, ultimately I’m an artist and designer first, a creative connector and a problem solver who loves creating art and illustrations, logo and branding design, teaching and creative strategy. In between zoom meetings and kids lunches I love getting out on the trail with our family and dog.

Join me and our stellar panelists @bloggeraishaadams
Tomorrow at noon. Link in bio

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“Should I say something on social media?”

“Should I say something on social media?”

“Should I say something on social media?” “Should I say something to my clients?” “What do I say to promote my business but not look selfish?” “What if I say the wrong thing?” If you’ve pondered any of these thoughts over the past few months, this event is for you!

With the shift to social distancing, remote working, and self-isolation, COVID-19 has left many business owners wondering if and how they should creatively market their services.

During this Zoom panel discussion, we’ll talk to a group of marketing professionals and local business owners that have addressed marketing in creative ways over the past few months, touching on tactics & approaches businesses can and should use right now.


Aisha Adams – Aisha Adams Media

Catherine Campbell – Owner, Bright Planning Marketing & PR

Nicole Hairfield – Co-founder, Moonlight Makers

Nathan Jordan – Creative Director, Market Connections

Panel Moderator:

John Hornsby – Founder and Chief Creative Ninja, John Hornsby Creative

Business as UNusual: Marketing During C19 and Beyond

Thursday, June 11, 11:45am


Register now at the link in our bio!






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