So little A had this idea for the bedroom wall.

Bedroom Mural Sketch

So to start off we’ll need a wall then… Oh, look here’s one.

Blank Wall

Hmm this wall’s not the right color. We’ll need a little blue. Let’s make it match painters tape shall we?

Blue Wall

Then maybe fade into darker blue in the corners and some squiggly vine-y bits of glaze.

Lotus Mural Start

Ok, let’s doodle on a happy little lotus flower shall we?

Lotus Sketch

Then some color. This is really taking me back to the days of painting custom dance floor covers with ivy and roses. Yes I really used to do that for a living along with fabricating much wackier creations.

Lotus in Progress

Ok one flower pretty much done. Little yellow bits in the center per Little A’s request..

Lotus Detail

A couple more of those and detailing on the curly bits and we’re done.

Finished Mural

Well, almost done. Maybe some squiggly bits around the doors and windows.

Curly Door Frame 1

And a lotus stamp on top. Ok I’m outta here…

Curly Door Frame 2

I think it came out OK. But it’s nothing compared to the mural this guy did.

Lotus Mural
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