Opening up


Normally I craft some inspiring words of wisdom, intention for the year, reflections and such to share on new years.

But really I’ve just been feeling depressed today.

Figured if I made something it would make me feel better, even if I didn’t really feel like making anything. So I made this.

It didn’t really work. But that’s OK. It’s human to feel down sometimes and this year’s given me plenty of reasons to. I don’t need to sugar coat it.

It’s exhausting being with my kids all. the. time. It’s exhausting doing the right thing to keep people safe since March and watching so many others carry on like there’s not a pandemic going on engaging in stupid selfish behaviors with no regard for protecting each other. It’s exhausting living in a county with the leadership, half the population and half my family are living in bizzaro bullshit fantasy land, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths and dragging this situation out longer and longer so they can go have their little parties, go to the gym and church super spreaders.

Yes there’s been plenty of good and I do spend most of my time focused on that.

Just not today. Today I scheduled a therapy appointment instead.

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Opening up