Environmental + Experiential Design + Wayfinding

manna donor wall wayfinding environmental design experiential design display design recognition wallPut simply Environmental Graphic Design (EGD), Experiential Design, and Wayfinding are all different terms for similar methods that blend graphic design, information design, and structural design. 

John Hornsby Creative can work with you to implement a wayfinding strategy to drive engagement. We can take an existing brand or develop a new brand standard with a specific focus on how to overlay it into the physical environment of your business. This service can include assisting with the selection of paint colors and finishes, specifications on dimensional applications of your logo and brand, and translating that into a desired “feel” which then leads to overseeing practical design decisions. I am able to function as a project manager on the design side as you build out or remodel your space. Or let’s dive into the scenic design for your next events or productions. I can work directly with the business owner or serve in this capacity as a subcontractor for other full-service design agencies. I am no stranger to consulting and collaborating with architects and interior designers as well.

There is often a common knowledge gap where graphic design, architecture, and construction come together, as the brand design moves off the page and screen into three-dimensional spaces such as storefronts, interiors, and campuses. 

That’s where I come in. ​ Once your customers find you online, and they take to the street to arrive at your door, it’s essential to also design optimal user experience on-site to foster positive and profitable engagement that wows your audience, drives loyalty and keeps your customers coming back and sharing with their friends. 

“Working with John is a delight – he makes the process clear and easy to understand, and his attention to detail and maintaining a high standard of quality is a testament to his professionalism and excellence. He sets realistic goals and stays in contact throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend him, and work with him again!” Kara Irani | Director of Marketing + Communications, MANNA FoodBank 

I have a specialized niche focus in applying graphic design to dimensional spaces and forms with an eye toward flow and creating a pleasing environment. I develop clear systems to distill complex information or destinations into simple easy to navigate deliverables that are visually compelling.  Specific common examples are the design of signs & murals, interior dimensional graphics and displays, event and theater sets, storefronts, exterior dimensional and illuminated graphic installations, and campus wayfinding sign systems. This is sometimes referred to as wayfinding, experiential design, and environmental design. My practical experience in this realm allows me to value engineer to the end client’s benefit while maintaining design integrity. I have strong relationships with partners to produce and deliver the final execution of the designs as well. Because I am not captive to any one manufacturer, I can advocate for you in this arena to ensure the best balance of value and reliability, managing the process as a trusted partner so you can focus on managing your business.

I also work with other creatives, agencies, and freelance designers to help bolster their structural 3D environmental design and sales skills. 

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If you have a historical story to tell, need to help people find their way around campus, or have complex information to distill into clear graphics that communicate and drive engagement, I can help. Interpretive displays for museums, parks, and other public spaces as well as presentations are one area of extensive expertise where I can get to work for you.

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