Source Photo – A certain well known medical school in town needed to have a lot of sidelights at the entrance to rooms frosted out so people could not see in but light could still pass through. The rooms also had a lot of windows on one wall that directly faced an apartment complex. They wanted to have those windows also treated so that the students could see out but the residents of the apartments would not be unnerved to look across the way and see the students working on cadavers. We treated the sidelights but I don’t know what they ended up doing for those windows.
Looking through multiple portals at once: This was looking through the sidelight, which had the dot pattern on part of the glass, through the room and out the window to the windows of the apartment across the way.

The Site Survey Project is a series of graphic images created from photographs I took during site surveys for my work at Chesapeake Sign Company. For more details about this project see my original post about it here.

Site Survey Project – #8 SOM POV
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