Spring, Taxes and the Quest for the IDEAL job.


So spring has sprung and taxes are in the air like wildflowers.

Weather is acting up again like a neglected child.
“Look at ME! I’m hailing!”
Then the next day,
“Look at ME! I’m a freaky windy snow storm!”
Today, apparently satiated, it is mildly pleasant.

In other news we just found out that we owe about $10,000 in taxes this year. YIPPIE! Now it looks like we will be returning back to normal life, broke. Well not totally broke, but almost. We will have to put a large chunk of money into an SEP IRA to avoid having to pay even more taxes which is great for the long term but sucks for the short term as it will leave us with about no money left for right now. And now we have moving costs on the horizon. And I will probably need to get a car again.

SO kicking up the job search a few notches to make sure we are ready to keep the money rolling in as we roll off the road and pull back into “normal” life or something like it.

To that end I have posted my resume online here. I welcome any comments or critique of it, or a job offer.

On Monster they have a spot where you are supposed to fill in what your IDEAL company would look like. My answer:

“One that will pay me ridiculous amounts of money to do fun things. Less than ideal offers will be considered as well.”

Spring, Taxes and the Quest for the IDEAL job.